Everyone needs a #BossWitch in their corner.


You want balance.

You want to grow.

You want to make good things happen + your want to share your gifts with the world.

You want to open up, show up, and be unapologetically YOU.

You want life and work to flow with EASE every day. 

You deserve to feel protected, appreciated + supported.

You need practical strategy. 

You need love + logic + positive energy.

You need a coach who gets you. A coach who speaks your language. 

I can be that coach for you. 

My clients are amazing, magical women.

They are authentic + unique.

They don't just set goals--they achieve them in a way that feels good.

They don't just talk about life's challenges--they process them, take action + move forward.

They don't just flirt with the idea of success--they create it.

They listen to their gut. They get real with their desires. They work, live, and create deliberately--and they get real results.

They get more visible. (Amy conquered her fears + increased her impact.)

They feel consistently calm + balanced. (Kristal injected deep meaning into life + transformed her daily routine.)

They build businesses. (Beth's monthly revenue increased by 274% in 6 months, and it's still rising.)

They step into their power. (Dawn feels more confident than ever.)

They're done wasting precious energy. They organize their lives and soothe their minds.
They're less anxious. Less distracted. They embrace their inner witch. They get more mindful. They release judgement.
They feel connected + motivated.
They make miracles happen.

How does coaching make this happen?

Coaching invites in fresh possibilities. It increases self-awareness. It puts you into the drivers seat of your own life.

It activates your inner fires. It teaches you to tune in, pay attention, and honor your emotions-- all of which are essential to making any positive progress in life or business.

Therapy can be an amazing tool for untangling your past. But this isn't therapy.

Coaching is all about honoring where you are now, and helping you move forward into a beautiful future of your design.

My name is Krysta Voskowsky and I'm an Intuitive Life/Business Coach.

Krysta the BossWitch

I'm a #BossWitch. I've been a practicing witch for 20 years and counting. 

I've worked as a professional writer for over a decade + earned an MFA in Creative Nonfiction in 2013.

I've served small businesses, non-profit organizations, tech startups, large corporations, solo entrepreneurs, and witchy women all over the world since 2009. 

But--when I first started my business, I struggled.

I hustled. I cried. I ate a lot of carbs. I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

I watched hundreds of webinars + downloaded countless freebies (and took lots of erroneous advice from unqualified sources) only to discover that I should have just followed my gut instinct from the get go.

I worked HARD to hide my true self from the world.

I thought I could keep my personal life (and my witchcraft) separate from my professional life as a marketing consultant.
The harder I tried to compartmentalize my existence, the more resistance and discomfort took over. I began to resent my work. I got easily distracted, depressed, and anxious. I wallowed in procrastination and kicked myself for my failures. I felt stuck and tired. I began to think that I was somehow the ONLY woman who just couldn't do this entrepreneur thing. I considered quitting. I wanted to hide under the covers until the world forgot my name. 

In that moment, unsure and confused, I decided to return to my spirituality for comfort. I returned to my sacred space, and consciously created room for ritual in my life. I began remembering my magic. And slowly but surely, this witch began to rise again.

My intuition awakened. I began showing up for work like I was showing up to a sacred meeting with Mother Earth.

I discovered quickly how free + easy my days could feel when I intentionally brought my inner witch to work.
(She was miserable stuck inside that broom closet.) In fact, I made her my business partner. My work became joyful again.
I felt whole again, and I knew I was on track to fulfill my life's purpose.

In my 6 month private coaching program, I support individual clients as they navigate their own magical, unique journeys, and tap into the success that awaits them. I openly share everything I've learned through my years of working in the trenches, and compliment those logical strategies with spiritually supported coaching.

Hundreds of coaches, systems, + programs out there are designed to support the part of you that runs a business. 

My mission is to support your entire being.  

Now, I'm holding sacred space for you in my newest group program.

Intuitive Reality (1).jpg

Whether you're looking to deepen your spiritual practice, want to learn more about all things magic, manifesting, + witchcraft, or you're hoping to get customized business advice + marketing tools-- it's all included. No questions are off limits. This is your safe space to explore, share, and grow.

Intuitive Reality is a 6 week program group coaching program designed for clients who want to free their inner witch from her broom closet, step into their power + experience honest transformation that overflows into every part of your life--including business.

If you want to join Intuitive Reality, here’s how it works…

You can sign up by clicking the buttons at the bottom of this page. (Space is limited -- I have room for 13 participants. Once these spots are claimed, the cart will close.) 

Once you complete your payment, you'll get immediate access to the private Facebook community, where you can begin connecting with your fellow witchy sisters.

I'll send you an email containing all the details + helpful materials to get started, including the complete schedule for our live coaching calls and all the corresponding Zoom links (the calls will be recorded just incase you want to watch them later).

On Sunday evening August 19th at 7pm EST, we will come together for our first group session.

And the magic begins!

  • In addition to our six (6) weekly group calls, you'll will also have everyday access to me via FB messenger and in our private Intuitive Reality online community.
  • You'll also receive a complimentary 60-minute private coaching session with me, where you'll get my dedicated focus and intuitive support as we explore your needs, desires, goals, and curiosities.

The investment is $497 when you pay in full, or you can pay in 3 installments of $175.33.

Your life is about to transform.

You are the high priestess. I am your guide.

It's time. The witches are rising. Will you join us?

If you'd like to chat about this program or learn more about 1:1 coaching packages, feel free to book a Mini Session with me. Just click the button below and book a time that works for you. <3


Working with Krysta has been a gamechanger for me. I hired her for marketing, but what I didn’t realize, was how much intuitive support I would receive. She has worked with the chaos that is my mind, and expertly curated and guided my content, so I can be consistent and win at the game of life and business!
— Amy Wall, Esthetician + Top Skincare Expert
I would totally recommend working with Krysta. She has helped with with messaging, marketing brainstorming and implementation. I honestly couldn’t have done it without her. I loved Krysta’s energy and her enthusiasm for helping me succeed.
— Kristal Fiorentino, Coach + Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist
You rock! Thank you for everything!
— Beth Hall, Business Owner + Busy Mom
If you’re thinking about signing up, absolutely do it. You won’t be disappointed.
— Dawn Vaughan, Client Analyst
Krysta provided me with clarity, direction, and assisted me in creating a guide to move my business forward.
— Kerry Finnegan, Health + Wellness Entrepreneur