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Krysta Voskowsky, Business Strategy, Marketing & Intuitive Life Coach

Professional writer turned creative content strategist, I'm driven to help your business find its voice, launch game-changing ideas, create high quality content, and make your brand dominate on social media.

Check out the whole story behind Intuitive Ink here. 

Intuitive Ink is a business born from over a decade of wild adventures and lessons learned by doing. I've worked in the culinary industry and on horse farms, hustled in book publishing and public relations, planned corporate events, worked as a voice teacher & choreographer, championed nonprofits, and rocked out in Boston’s startup tech scene. 

From my time studying in the hills of northern Vermont, to sloshing through rice paddies of southern Indonesia (and everywhere in between) I've learned to work hard, be kind, communicate well, and solve problems creatively.