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Writing Prompts for When You Feel Like You Have Nothing to Write About

In order to write and create genius stuff on the FIRST DRAFT, this is what you have to do.

Step #1:

Sit there for a second and wait. Feel like nothing brilliant is sprouting forth?

Keep your fingers on the keyboard or pen a little longer.

Don't get up just yet.

If you feel frustrated, take a deep breath and commit to staying there in that chair for a little longer. Not forever, just a little longer.


Step #2:

Try answering the following writing prompts.


Say/write what you're thinking.

Exactly what you're thinking. Don't leave anything out.


Describe one thing you see or have seen.


Compare two things (or situations) that are not usually compared to one another, but strike you for some reason.

(ex. Running from a F5 Tornado is like shopping for onions at midnight the night before Thanksgiving. elaborate...)

(ex. Australian Shepherds are like lemon trees. tell us why...)

Step #3

When you've exhausted your thoughts, get up and walk away.

Eat something.

Listen to your favorite song.

Call someone who loves you.

Come back and look at what you wrote.

Anything good in there?

Anything your people might be interested to hear?

How might you tie in your business to any of these random thoughts you just wrote? (ex. I just compared two random things and learned something new. That's what life coaching is all about. Looking for new patterns, learning something new, and using that lesson to create a better reality.)

Add some thoughts or notes if you wish.

Publish the best bits.

Save the rest for later.

Did you find this exercise useful? Tell me all about your experience and what you wrote. Leave a comment below or email me at krysta [@] intuitive-ink.com.