Want to be a featured guest on the
#BossWitch LIVE show?

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This is a magical weekly broadcast coming to you LIVE from my sacred space, delivered via my Facebook page and will also published on YouTube.
I’m constantly searching for new BossWitch guests to share their wisdom—
and get a little promo in the process.

In Spring 2019, this weekly #BossWitch Broadcast will be turning into an official Podcast! Recording and publishing updates coming soon. Stay tuned…

If you’d like to be featured as a guest on an episode of #BossWitch LIVE, please fill out the application form and tell me about yourself.

I’m open to speaking with passionate, kind humans from all cultures and backgrounds, and I’m willing to explore all sorts of topics—but here’s a taste of what I’m specifically looking for this season.

I'm seeking to feature coaches, writers, professors, adventurers, artists, and experts to speak on the following topics:

  • Plant Medicine in terms of physical health & everyday diet

  • First hand personal spiritual/ritual experiences Ayuahuasca, Silicyban (mushrooms), LSD, etc.

  • Past Life readings, communicating with spirit guides, and applying lessons learned through these modalities to modern life

  • Astrology & Zodiac

  • Interior Design, The Witchy Aesthetic, Feng Shui, and other home/hearth-related topics

  • Minimalism & Organization

  • Parenting as a Modern Witch & Raising kids who are following a magical, alternative spiritual path

  • Voodoo

  • Hoodoo & Rootwork

  • Native American tribal healing/divination practices

  • Professional Paranormal Investigating

  • Published Authors in the Self Development/Magic/Positive Psychology Realm

  • Musical performance as a form of magic

  • Traveling to (international & local) mystical locations

  • Crystal Healing

  • Psychic abilities & developing the senses

  • Witchy Personal Stylists or Clothing Designers

  • Witchy Photographers, Visual Artists, and Models

  • Witches in traditional Covens & Modern Solitary Practitioners to share & compare experiences within the same episode

  • Social Justice Witches and Activists

  • Any other topic not listed here…


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The earliest date you are available to be on the show: