You've got an incredible product to share with the world. 

Step up your email game and get awesome results.

I created The Intuitive Inbox Package for entrepreneurs who are tired of sending emails that don't get opened, despite how many discounts and flash sales they offer. This package is designed to solely focus on increasing your reach using email marketing, so you can earn the trust of your customers, effectively grow your email list, and tap into the profitable potential of the inbox.

This is a 6-month package that combines 1:1 marketing & branding strategy specifically for your email campaigns, complete with an action plan & deliverables that will get you quantifiable, measurable results that'll make you smile. 


Kathy & Laura

Owners of Granby Yoga Studio,

"Having a fresh, innovative perspective, Krysta possesses professionalism to work quickly and effectively, and she's just fun to be around. Thanks to Krysta, we have seen an increased percentage of email opens and sign-ups. Following Krysta's formatting with our online marketing, we've improved our promotions and increased sales."


Abigail Wujek

Wellness Coach & Network Marketer,

"Working with Krysta has shifted my thought process from sterile and hum-drum, to a more creative and outside of the box perspective. Krysta is always up-beat, creative, and fun to work with."

The Intuitive Inbox Package

Here's what's included:

  • 2 Custom Designed Emails per Week (PLUS 2 Extra Promotional Emails per Month!): This includes writing, editing, layout, design graphics, scheduling, and retargeting.
  • The One Hour Monthly Intensive: At the beginning of each month, you and I will touch base to cover your business goals, look at the month ahead, and establish a list of email topics that need to be covered. This call will give me all the information I need to create and refine your custom email content strategy, and set to work revamping your email campaigns. 
  • Unlimited Email & Text Support: Have an epiphany in the middle of the week? Think of a question for me after reading a great article? In between our scheduled calls, I'm always available for you via email and text message. 
  • Focus & Accountability: If you ever have a day where you feel like you're getting stuck, off-track, or can't think of a reason to email your audience, I'm here to help you clear your head, reset your sights on your business goals, and get you back in the game.


  • Custom Email Marketing Services: This can include any and all of these:
    • Custom brand & Marketing Strategy developed specifically for your Email Platform of Choice
    • Content Writing & Optimization
    • Lead Magnet Development Strategy
    • Schedule & Action Plan for Launching Emails
    • Blogging & Editorial
    • Press Blasts to Advertise Events
    • Design of Email Headers, Footers, and Graphics
    • Set up & management of Email Marketing Software
    • Market Research & Analysis specific to your unique business
    • and more...


  • Monthly Progress Report: At the end of each month, I'll send you an easy-to-follow progress report detailing how your email marketing plan is effecting your open rates, purchases, clicks, and more. 


  • You'll also get Premier Access to all of my exclusive Tools & Worksheets: I'm always working hard to create new worksheets, checklists, and guides to keep my clients organized, on track, and feeling productive. You'll have premier access to every single one, hot off the presses.

Spencer Lambert

Student & Actress

"I decided to work with Krysta because she's funny and personable, but also knows how to get the job done. When she gets to work on something, there's no funny business-- she makes sure it's executed well and in a timely fashion. I would recommend hiring Krysta! She's an exceptional writer. She creates clear messages and knows how to explain things so they're easy to understand."  



Why does it take 6-months, instead of just one or two?

I’ve found that clients who can commit to a full six months of focused work with me will see more tangible data-driven results, and will be more successful email marketers in the long run. And since your long-term success is my goal, I've tailored my packages to support you the best way I can. Bottom line: 6-month contracts make happier, more successful Intuitive Ink clients. And I want you to be happy and successful.