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Give me 3 months, and I'll help you take control of your future, reconnect with your intuition, and finally create a sustainable reality that totally lights you up. 

Even if you are busy AF.

Even if you often feel anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed.

Even if you've tried every meditation ritual, yoga retreat, planning system, and Pinot Grigio known to womankind.

Even if you're more easily distracted than an excited puppy, locked in a room with 25 squeaky toys, 12 squirrels, and a hoard of giggling toddlers holding peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The Internet is full of cynics--people who scream like a thousand birds the moment you make a claim.
“This can’t possibly work for everyone.”
“How do I know this will work for me?”
“What if it doesn't work for me?”

So, I wanted to come right out and say this:

Yes, my Intuitive Reality program is amazing, but it isn't for everyone.
Please take note, this program is NOT for you if:
You are a rigid, calculated woman who is not comfortable with any concepts that are not illustrated with hard facts and statistics. 
You believe that chill vibes, confidence, and overflowing abundance are things only enjoyed by celebrity heiresses with no children, CEOs with teams of support staff, and gorgeous young hipsters who's only job seems to be snapping selfies at Burning Man.
You'd prefer to spend your days complaining, whining, criticizing, and pointing fingers-- wishing your life looked more like someone else's. 
You aren’t ready to expand your mind, your heart, your income, and your impact on the world -- while adding MORE free fun time to your life.

You wouldn't mind getting tattooed in the back of some dude's van, because, "who cares that it's spelled wrong and looks a little infected? I'll take anything if it's cheap!"
You are not willing to spend 2-3 hours every week focusing on YOU and your needs. 

But, if you are a driven, hopeful woman, determined to create an amazing future for yourself and your family--
You're ready to stop wasting your precious energy on every lackluster productivity method, trendy life-hack, and glittery planning pages that don't make a difference in the long term--

You're ready to listen and connect with a woman who gets it-- a bosslady who's struggled for years with the same issues, and figured out an easier way. A witchy woman who's tried it all, discovered what works, and created a feel-good system that creates unlimited positive results-- 

Then let me invite you to breathe a sigh of relief. Intuitive Reality is the solution you've been searching for.


If you flipped through my daily planner last year, you would've seen a woman headed straight for burnout.

When I wasn't hustling to produce at work, I was hustling to produce at home. There were days that I'd get so wrapped up in work that I'd forget to eat, forget to take bathroom breaks. The days would fly by, and still, I didn't feel like I was making any progress.

I'd read countless books, followed countless productivity plans, and still, my life just didn't feel anywhere close to balanced. There never seemed to be enough time. Or coffee. Or focus. Or rest.

I know I'm not the only woman out there who's busy AF-- who loves the feeling of checking things off the list and making shit happen and setting new intentions-- and also craves a little more peace.

A little more time.

A little more space.

A little less anxiety. 

That's why I created Intuitive Reality. 

Your intuition is waiting. Life is not.

Designed for driven women--coaches, creatives, healers, and solution seekers--who know deep down that life CAN get better. Life CAN get easier. Women who know that big ideas CAN become a reality. Women who are determined to find a way to spend more time in the flow, and less time stuck in panic, overwhelm, and self-doubt. 

Over the next 12 weeks, I'll help you...

  • Get grounded and tap into your intuition-- that inner voice that's been within you all along, but is dying to be heard.
  • Identify the spots in your life & business that need some love and attention-- clearing out the blocks may be stalling your progress.
  • Gently recalibrate your mind + spirit-- hear your inner wisdom loud and clear as it guides you straight into the life you really want.
  • Get clear on your big desires, your obligations, your goals -- then tune in and turn up (without feeling increasingly overworked, anxious, exhausted, or stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel).
  • Hone in on your unique strengths to make each part of your existence finally click into place.
  • Explore your emotions, talents, dreams, and fears. Then unravel your options. All in a safe, supportive space filled with likeminded women--the cheerleaders you never knew you needed.
  • Navigate your time and life situations with balance, ease, and confidence.
  • Receive intuitive guidance, practical strategies, and actionable tools that feel GOOD, helpful, totally do-able, and nourishing for your soul.