Are you ready to experience consistent growth,
work/life bliss + limitless creative inspiration?
You’ve come to the right place.


You are here for a reason.

You’re feeling called to make a positive impact.

You’re a giver, a healer, a nurturer.

You started a business because you want to help people— your services and products are designed with both logic and heart.

You are also intensely curious about your own magical powers.

Your business is ready to grow.

You want to expand, while feeling consistently balanced + aligned

You need structure + strategy to feel grounded, but you love feeling free to flow and create with your divine feminine

You crave genuine connection— with other humans, with the earth, with yourself, with the Universe.

You thrive when you are heard, acknowledged, and supported.

When you bring your Inner Witch to work, miracles happen. ☾

Ideas (and income) flow with ease.
Strategies + systems click easily into place.
Time feels expansive.
Connection deepens.
Judgement + self-doubt swiftly exit the building.
Creating authentic, magnetic content becomes second nature.
Your ideal clients show up hungry to hire you.


If you're looking for a intuitive business mentor + you’re ready to work some marketing magic, I’m the coach for you.

My clients are smart, spiritual women from all walks of life— all driven by a strong sense of purpose.

Their intuition gets stronger every day, and it’s totally paying off.

They are unapologetically authentic + real AF.

They’ve discovered a marketing strategy that works— and feels damn good.

They are getting clear on their goals + and speaking up about what truly matters.

They don't just visualize success--they create abundance in real life, without guilt or regret.

They rest, heal, learn, cast spells, and create deliberately--
and they get real, incredible results.

>> They step into their power. (
Brooke feels more confident, centered, and on-track than ever before.)

>> They get more visible. (Amy conquered her fears + increased her visibility.)

>> They feel consistently calm + balanced. (Kristal injected deep meaning into her life + work.)

>> They build successful businesses. (Beth's monthly revenue increased by 274% in 6 months, and it's still rising.)

These BossWitches have officially quit wasting precious energy. 
They're less anxious.
Less distracted.
Less self-conscious.
They are awake, engaged, and living on purpose. 
They feel supported, connected + motivated.
AND they manifest like crazy.

How does intuitive business coaching make this happen?


When you begin working with a coach, you send a signal to the Universe that you're ready to welcome fresh possibilities into your life. Coaching increases self-awareness, and it empowers you to get back into the driver's seat of your own life.

Intuitive Business Coaching has the power to ignite your confidence + activate your marketing magic. You'll discover how to purposefully tune in, communicate better, dream big, create balance, and honor your emotions-- all of which are essential to growing your business.

Traditional talk therapy can be a valuable tool for examining + untangling your past, but this isn't therapy. Instead of focusing on your past, this work is all about honoring where you are now, and helping you move forward to create your MOST harmonious, badass future.

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My name is Krysta Voskowsky and I’m a Writer, Intuitive Coach & Business Strategist.

SASs-24649 (2).jpg

I’m a marketing nerd, memoirist, an entrepreneur, and I've been a practicing witch for 20+ years. Since 2009, I've been helping small businesses, non-profit organizations, tech startups, large corporations, and witchy women everywhere master their marketing, build successful sales funnels, flourish on social media, and get more eyeballs on their brands. I've also worked as a professional writer for over a decade, and in 2013, I earned an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Emerson College.

But, when I first started my business? I struggled.

🔮 I didn't know what the hell I was doing. I hustled. I cried. I ate a lot of carbs. It felt like I was fumbling through everything. I listened to everyone else’s advice, but my own.

🔮 I worked HARD to hide my true self from my professional world. I kept my personal life--and my witchy side--hidden for years. I was afraid of judgement. I was afraid I wouldn’t be taken seriously. I thought the signals I was receiving from my intuition, were all just side-effects of a creative mind and an overactive imagination.

🔮 The harder I tried to compartmentalize my existence, the more resistance + fear crippled my progress.
I began to resent my work. I got easily distracted, depressed, and anxious. I procrastinated and wasted a TON of time. I felt stuck and tired. I began to think that I was somehow the only woman who just couldn't hack this entrepreneur thing. I wanted to hide under the covers until the world forgot my name. 

🔮 Unsure and confused, I decided to turn to my spirituality for comfort.
I returned to my sacred space, and consciously created room for spellwork, prayer, and ritual in my daily life.


Then, almost as if by magic, I began to remember my purpose.


🌙 My intuition got stronger, and I no longer felt the need to apologize for who I am.

🌙 I began connecting authentically with my peers + soulmate clients.

🌙 I decided to show up for work like I was showing up for a sacred meeting with my higher power.

🌙 This witch found her way out of hiding, and began to rise above self-doubt, shake off fear, and get to work.

🌙 I discovered fast--almost overnight-- that miraculous things happen when I intentionally bring my inner witch to work.

My work is joyful now, and I'm genuinely excited to get back to it each day. 
Decision-making feels lighter + easier, creative projects energize me (instead of draining me).
And BossWitches everywhere are diving in, eager to be part of this empowered, feel-good movement.

In my 6 month private coaching program, I support individual clients as they navigate their own unique journeys through life + entrepreneurship.

I help my clients tap into their intuition, infuse magic into every facet of life + business, and I teach them to sharpen the skills + talents they already have to create a business they’re in LOVE with.

I share everything I've learned through years of experience in the corporate and nonprofit worlds, the publishing industry, and television production.

I answer questions, provide marketing insights backed by real data, translate tech jargon, and help you see the bigger picture— but most importantly, we come together to design the specific systems that make your work feel easily aligned + produce real results.

  • We strategize + implement

  • We infuse your business with magic + intention

  • We process and dissolve the emotional/energetic stuff that may be preventing your business from booming.

  • We heal, we cast out demons (real and imagined), and we call in ALL the good vibes.

  • We pair logical business plans + marketing strategies (masculine structure) with flowy, feminine spiritually-supported coaching-- so you can move through life feeling empowered, confident, centered, and universally held.

There are a few great ways we can work together…


Here’s how it works:

  • Click the button below, and you'll arrive at my calendar page, where you’ll select a time for your free Mini Session.

  • Relax --you don't need to prepare anything before our call--just be sure your in a quiet, comfortable space, ready to focus the next 30 minutes on YOU.

  • At your chosen session time, I'll give you a call on the phone. We will ground our energy together, and then you'll have the floor to talk about anything you'd like—business related or otherwise—and ask any questions you might have. I can even pull a few tarot cards for you, if you wish.

  • How would you like me to listen? If you'd like feedback, I can offer my thoughts, encouragement, and suggestions. If you'd rather just vent and get it all out, that's okay too.

  • At the end of our 30 minute session, I'll invite you to test the energy. How do you feel? If the energy in your body feels light, and you'd like to know more about working together, I’m happy to share more information.
    And if your gut tells you it's time to end the call? That's exactly what we will do.

  • Either way, we'll part ways in perfect love and perfect trust. ☾

Here are a few other services I offer…


This option includes:

• A pre-session questionnaire-- your responses will help us get acquainted + set intentions for our time together.

• One 90-minute Zoom session + a 60 min follow-up coaching session a few weeks later.

• Access to any and all resources in my digital library (and in my brain).

• If you decide to sign up for my 6 month private coaching package after our Intensive, this investment will be subtracted from the total investment of that program (so, this intensive is my gift to you).

Investment: $529

BossWitch Private Coaching.png

This Private Coaching option includes:

• 6 months of weekly 60 minute coaching sessions (24 sessions total).

• Unlimited support via Facebook Messenger, text msg, and email between our sessions.

• Full access to any and all resources in my digital library (and in my brain).

• Access to any and all of my courses and group programs, including Intuitive Reality (plus anything else I launch during the time we're working together).

• VIP Discounts for all in-person #BossWitch Retreats.

Investment: $4700 pay in full, or 6 monthly payments of $800.


Working with Krysta has been a gamechanger for me. I hired her for marketing, but what I didn’t realize was how much intuitive support I would receive. She has worked with the chaos that is my mind, and expertly curated and guided my content, so I can be consistent and win at the game of life and business!
— Amy Wall, Esthetician + Top Skincare Expert
If you’re looking for a business coach who’s super supportive, and magical, and intuitive, I recommend that you check Krysta out. She’s got all of the magic, all of the tools, and she goes with what YOU need as a client. I’ve worked with business coaches before who’ve tried to put me in boxes, and I didn’t like that. So if you’re like me, and you’re like, “Don’t put me in a fucking box. Don’t try to sell me your 10 step formula”— go work with her. She’s amazing.
— Brooke Brae, Energetic Healer + Life Coach
I would totally recommend working with Krysta. She has helped with with messaging, marketing brainstorming and implementation. I honestly couldn’t have done it without her. I loved Krysta’s energy and her enthusiasm for helping me succeed.
— Kristal Fiorentino, Coach + Internationally Certified Yoga Therapist
Krysta provided me with clarity, direction, and assisted me in creating a guide to move my business forward.
— Kerry Finnegan, Health + Wellness Entrepreneur
You rock! Thank you for everything!
— Beth Hall, Business Owner + Busy Mom