Rediscover your intuition.
Embrace your natural power.
Be a #BossWitch.

We are embracing our magic. We are living + working with purpose. 
We are rising from the ashes + busting out of the broom closet.
Just the way our ancestors always knew we would. 
Are you with us?


You have a beautiful vision for your best life, and you've launched a career that's fueled by your heart. 

Now you want to get really authentically visible.
Increase your impact.
Speak your truth, loud + clear.
Drink up all the meaning + fulfillment that comes with uplifting the people around you.  

If you're reading this, you're here for a reason.

Maybe you're searching for marketing strategy and business guidance.
Maybe you're seeking intuitive support as you navigate the challenges of real life, the complexities of your desires.
You're deeply curious about your own magical powers, and you're ready to clear out the mental clutter that may be holding you back.

Who is a BossWitch?

BossWitches don't fit into boxes. Or categories. Or stereotypes.

BossWitches embrace uniqueness--without apology or self-censorship. 
BossWitches come from all walks of life, and we all have different ways of practicing our spirituality. 

We value authenticity and true connection. 
We are determined to show up every day with conscious intention.
We bring our inner Witch to work, and we inject magic + purpose into everyday life.

BossWitches are driven to heal, learn, and create.

Lots of coaches, courses, + programs focus on supporting your business goals.
Plenty of others focus on personal growth, nurturing your soul, and helping you overcome obstacles in your personal life. 

Can you point to the exact place where your work ends and your life begins?
Me neither.

Your personal life directly affects your business, and vise versa. 
There is no divide.

You deserve a coach who supports your WHOLE BEING. And that's exactly what I do.

Each one of my clients is unique + powerful in her own way-- even if she's still discovering her talents.

My clients love doing meaningful work--living a life free from overwhelm, self-doubt, and distraction.

You belong in this sisterhood.