These service packages are designed to not only lighten your workload, but also to empower you with helpful, creative tools & techniques you will use & apply for the rest of your time in business -- whether we're still working together or not.


You've come to the right place.

Whether you're looking to streamline your social media strategy, spice up your website copy, revamp your email marketing campaigns, or launch newsworthy press releases, I can take care of it all. Want to learn how to create amazing Facebook LIVE videos or get the most out of your Google Analytics account? Need a creativity-jump start to generate new courses, products, expert articles, and lead magnets? I've got you covered.

Let's get to work.

I've got 3 flexible options you're sure to love.


Intuitive Inbound Marketing

Starter Package

It's time to toss out the boring, predictable copy and ditch the lame industry jargon. Let's give your brand its groove back.

The Starter Package is perfect for both new entrepreneurs & experienced business owners who want to breathe life into their marketing plan, take on a fresh strategy, and rise above the noise to finally access their ideal clients. 

Intuitive Inbound Marketing 

Leader Package

Authenticity is everything--especially when it comes to effective marketing. Everyone's got an internal bullsh*t detector, and your future customers are no exception.

The Leader Package is ideal for entrepreneurs who are ready to makeover their messaging, launch innovative, approachable marketing campaigns, drastically improve SEO, and confidently own their corner of the internet without even a hint of that icky sales-y after-taste.

Intuitive Inbox

Email Marketing Package

Data driven email marketing rules. Sending personalized, well-written messages to carefully-chosen members of your audience really pays off. According to this study conducted last year, email marketing generated 174% more conversions than social media did. 

This package is awesome for any business looking to step up their email game, increase sales, improve their messaging, and grow their email list. 


Not into the package thing? No worries.

Introducing: Option #4

Intuitive Ink Hourly Consulting Services

Sometimes you just need one blog post written, one project copy edited, or one social media channel set up for you. I totally get it. I'm happy to work on an hourly basis consulting, writing, editing, producing videos, designing professional emails, etc. Just let me know what you need and I'm on it.

$250 per hour


Liza Jane

Interior Designer,

"I was having trouble getting my blog posts written on a consistent basis. I found Krysta online and I liked her website, and then when I talked with her, I felt comfortable working with her. I would recommend working with Krysta, she was great."


Kerry Finnegan

Entrepreneur & Network Marketer

"Working full-time, running a business on the side, plus being a busy mom of three, I really did not have the time to dedicate to building an online social presence. Krysta was able to provide me with a foundation to get started. With her guidance I was able to get up and going! She provided me with clarity, a direction, and assisted me in creating a guide to move my business forward."