Write Boldly, Get wicked Visible, &
Make Money Doing What You Love

WORD WITCH is a 3-month program for coaches & healers who are ready to
get expressive & attract more clients online using
great writing and a custom gold-standard business strategy.

Have you ever thought to yourself…

“Getting clients online is so freakin’ hard. How do these other coaches do it?”

“I’d love to write a book…someday. But will anyone actually read it?”

“I want to make a bigger impact, but I don’t know HOW.”

“I just want my brand to stand out online.”

“Why does creating content for my business feel like such a chore?”

“I have SO much to offer the world. Why can’t I just suck it up and put it out there?”

You’re not alone. I’ve heard countless women say the same thing— and I’m here to tell you that writing & content creation CAN be fun and easy.

When you pair great content with a smart marketing strategy
THAT’S when the magic happens.

WORD WITCH is the simplest, most personalized way to get your brand noticed online—EVEN IF you aren’t a natural marketer or you don’t consider yourself a great writer (yet).

WORD WITCH is a 3-month program that will completely transform the way you show up and express yourself— in both life and business. You’ll learn to recognize your authentic voice and your deepest desires, and then confidently speak up to get exactly what you want.

This program will transform your business into one that’s clear in its message, completely magnetic, and attracts clients that can afford you and that you LOVE to work with. You’ll learn to transform all your thoughts & ideas into an endless stream of irresistible online content that speaks directly to your ideal clients, making them loyal readers for life.

You won’t have to stare at a blank computer screen, wondering what to post on social media, or what marketing task to do next. You’ll never again fumble with a content strategy you don’t understand, because I’m going to custom design one specifically for you and teach you how to use it.


In 12 short weeks, you’ll learn how to:

  • have fun creating content that deeply connects to your mission & your audience

  • use writing as a tool for self-care, and a magic wand to dissolve anxiety, resistance, confusion, and self-doubt

  • turn your authentic writing into irresistible sales copy & social posts to promote your services

  • flawlessly repurpose all your content so you can save time & energy while still showing up everywhere

  • help people on a larger scale by getting your story out into the world

    and SO much more.

Here’s what included:

  • A Custom Online Marketing Strategy designed specifically for for your unique brand

  • Tons of creative writing prompts

  • Checklists and reminders to keep you organized

  • Bonus Master Classes

  • PLUS all the rituals, charms, spells, and guided meditations a witchy woman could want—to infuse magic & meaning into your creative work.

  • Twelve(12) 90-minute private coaching sessions via Zoom video chat

  • Three (3) 45-minute copy editing sessions

  • 24/7 Access to me via Facebook Messenger

  • A Content Calendar custom-designed to fit your lifestyle, your business & your specific goals

  • Templates & Tutorials for creating your own lead magnets, launch sequences, marketing emails, sales/landing pages, blog posts, HARO pitches, book proposals, and anything else you want to write. Just ask and you shall receive.

This is the creative adventure
you’ve been waiting for.

 Hi! I’m Krysta.

I’m a writer, business strategist, and intuitive coach dedicated to helping you heal and grow — spiritually, physically, and financially—so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Using writing as a key tool for transformation—in combination with brain science, creative expression, marketing expertise, and a dash of witchcraft—I help my clients conquer fear, achieve their biggest goals, and change their lives for good.

Krysta Voskowsky.png

I hold a Bachelor's in Professional Writing from Champlain College in Vermont, and a
Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Creative Nonfiction from Emerson College in Boston, MA.
I’ve been featured on podcasts, produced TV shows, published poetry, written a memoir (publish date TBD), and worked what seems like a thousand crappy (albeit character building) jobs that subsequently made me the humble smarty-pants you see today.

I also identify as dog-mom, bookworm, foodie, true crime enthusiast, and manifesting generator. My preferred pronouns are she/her.

Oh yeah, and I’m a witch. More on that later.


Nicole Laroche, Photographer

"This girl is enchanting…She's using her life experience and exceptional skills to help others create, evolve, grow their businesses, take chances in a competitive world, thrive in all walks of life, and transition to a positive mentality that feeds their own success. If you need a push, guidance, hard truths, comforting spirituality, networking know-how, or sassy entrepreneurial methodology with a splash of fire and magic, Krysta is your girl!"

WORD WITCH IS for rising Coaches & Healers who are ready to:

  • Dive deep into the creative process and alchemize energy blocks

  • Think outside the box, and have fun creating authentic, engaging content

  • Amplify your intuitive voice and leverage it increase your impact

  • Start (or finish) writing your book

  • Manifest your desires through a deeply connected spiritual writing practice

  • Magnetize more ideal clients and professional partnerships

  • Get published

  • Turn a casual audience into a crew of die-hard fans and loyal readers

  • Never again stare at a blank computer screen, wondering what to write

  • Increase website traffic, subscribers, leads, and open-rates

  • Get a custom marketing strategy designed specifically for your unique business

  • Get focused accountability & support through your expansion


Kristal Fiorentino, Yoga Therapist & Clarity Coach

I had NO idea how to create a marketing plan, let alone implement one! Our work together as TOTALLY changed the way I do business. I now have way more innovative ideas of how to market that I had never heard of before. I would totally recommend working with Krysta. She has helped with with messaging, marketing brainstorming and implementation. I honestly couldn't have done it without her.

Rebecca Rubin.jpg

Rebecca Rubin, Content Queen @ The Pursuit of Fabulous

“Krysta has a magical way with words. She’s one of the fastest, most powerful writers I’ve ever met. Krysta has a deep knowledge of publicity, and she has a unique ability to teach you how to translate your authenticity into powerful content.”


Arielle Brown, Intimacy Catalyst

“There is this presence, this deep-seeded magic that I remember within myself when I connect with Krysta. And then there is this badass, handles her shit, quick-witted woman who draws me in like a bee to psychedelic honey."


Dr. Meredith Watson, Success Coach

"OMG Krysta's work has changed my life. The shifts I have made in the our time together...I've been at this for 3 years, and in 2+ months together I have made shifts that previously took me years...I love her!"


Amy Wall, Skin & Beauty Specialist

“Do it people! Krysta completely rocked my business launch!"


Brooke Brae, Coach, Healer & Energy Worker

"We just had the most magickal strategizing session and I CANNOT WAIT for what’s coming and what we’re creating...You know you just had an intense AF Demon slaying session when you all take a shot of liquor straight from the bottle, including offering more up to the Goddess who did most of the work. WOW Krysta, that was FIRE."


Danielle Sitler Moore, Interior Designer

“She’s an amazing business coach/friend/human who always knows just what to say when I feel like a fraud or unworthy of achieving my goals. She always has the perfect resource to overcome the issue I’m dealing with. But mostly, she’s been where I am right now. She understands everything I’m feeling and she’s unapologetically honest...work with Krysta and she will give you confidence and the tools you need to succeed.”


Let’s begin your Word Witch journey.

phase 1

To begin, you’ll click the “Apply Now” button and answer a few questions so I can learn more about you and your goals.

Then you’ll be prompted to book a 30-minute Discovery Call call with me in the next few days. At your preferred time, we will connect and explore all the possibilities—and if it feels like a full-body hell yes for you to sign on to Word Witch, then I will process your deposit payment right away while we’re on the phone.

We’ll commit to a weekly time slot to meet online for your 90-minute sessions, and lock it into the calendar for the next 12 weeks.

You’ll receive your official Welcome Packet via email, and we’ll be ready to get started!

Phase 2

During the next 12 weeks, we will be focusing on three primary things:

  1. Writing as a tool for healing and energy alchemy

  2. Turning your creative writing into money-making marketing content, and

  3. Increasing your visibility online so you can attract a consistent flow of new clients.

This is a highly personalized program, so I will tailor your coaching process according to your specific goals and challenges. But here’s an overview of what you can expect to learn:

Month One:

  • Write for Energy Alchemy

  • Establish your new self-care & writing practices

  • Choose your sacred creation space & sanctify it

  • Shadow Exploration & The Fearless Inquiry

  • Articulate yourself: beliefs, vision, process, and purpose

  • Set goals with intuitive precision

  • Identify & cross the divide between writing as a task, and writing as a spiritual experience

  • Write to sustain consistent inspired action

  • Self-Coach through Writing

  • Write safely through (and about) Trauma

Month Two:

  • Clear, Cleanse, and Organize

  • Reconnect with the fun part of creation

  • Repurpose your best content for maximum visibility

  • Focus your custom strategy & refine sales copy

  • Map out your current projects and create content for every step of your funnel

  • Simplify & Automate

  • Connect to & articulate your mission, your audience, and your services

  • Develop Sustainable Content that expands beyond the page

Month Three:

  • Write your way to Successful Sales

  • Use creative (fun!) content to promote your brand

  • Learn more about Publicity & Pitching

  • Activate your custom content calendar

  • Explore your options & desires for publication 

  • Write for Abundance

  • Read like a Writer and become your own favorite author

  • Gaze into the Future & Manifest like a BossWitch

You can expect to cover these topics each month, plus extra support wherever you feel you need it. You’ll receive creative reading & writing assignments to complete between sessions to ensure you see measurable progress and experience visible growth.

As you move through the Word Witch program, I’ll supply you with prompts, templates, swipe files, creative exercises, guided meditations, and intuitive self-care practices so you are guaranteed to see and feel the results you are looking for.

Phase 3

You will be writing a TON during this 3 month program, and naturally, you will feel inclined to expand on certain pieces, and scrap others.

In addition to your weekly coaching calls, you also have access to three 45-minute copyediting sessions where I will walk through the editing process with you, so your favorite pieces get even better. You can book these sessions whenever you want.

As you publish more bold content online, interest in your brand will grow—so you’ll need solid systems in place to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed. I’ll design a custom marketing strategy for you and help you implement it (from start to finish).

If you feel called to submit your essays to any niche publications or media outlets, I’ll guide you through the pitch process. If you’re ready to create and send out your book proposal, I’ll be by your side to make the process smooth and comfortable.

As we conclude your program, we’ll look back over the progress you’ve made in three short months, check in with your emotions and the consciousness of your business, and discuss new goals you’d like to focus on going forward. I’m here to make sure you’re set up for success as you continue to grow as a creator and magical entrepreneur.

What if I can’t write?

You CAN write, darling. And you can do it well. I promise. And whoever that person was from your past told you that you weren’t a good writer— they were completely wrong. If you give me the chance, I’ll show you how to spin your hay into gold thread. And once you learn to spin gold, you’ll never see the world the same way again.

Why is writing and content marketing good for my business?

When you write from the heart, you engage your true voice, and that voice will reveal your most authentic self. Consistent, purposeful communication with your people makes you reliable, trustworthy, builds rapport, and keeps your brand top of mind at all times. Great writing demonstrates your intelligence, insight, and unique ability to serve your clients better than anyone else in your field. A good writer may use textbook persuasive writing tactics to inspire a reader to take action— but a great writer in naturally persuasive without even trying— because intuition, muse, and truth are the driving force.

How is coaching different than traditional talk therapy?

Talk therapy generally focuses on discussing and analyzing the past, and using thoughtful discussion and reflection to heal old emotional wounds that may be effecting your present life.
Coaching covers the same things, and also places a heavy focus on self awareness, the present moment, and moving forward into a better future. Coaching has the unique ability to heal old emotional wounds while simultaneously being action-focused—generating new neural pathways, new healthy habits & boundaries, and helping you see the bigger picture of your life and what you’d like to achieve. Coaching can provide you with the thought processes, skills, tools, and mindset shifts necessary to make your biggest desires a reality.

Are there other payment plans available?

Yes. I firmly believe EVERYONE deserves a spot in this program—regardless of financial status. If you’re feeling called to join Word Witch, I will find a way to make it happen for you. Click the Apply Button, book your Discover Call, and we’ll mutually come up with a payment arrangement that feels good for both of us.

I don’t have time for weekly coaching calls. Can you just send me the deliverables and I’ll take it from there?

Nope. If you’re not willing to go all in, you won’t achieve the results I’ve promised here. And I am committed 100% to my clients’ success. If you won’t make time for the coaching calls, this program probably isn’t for you.

Why do you assign homework between sessions?

If you want to build muscle, you need to lift weights more than once. The skill of writing is only cultivated by practice. It’s not enough to focus on your art for just 90 minutes a week. I will hold you accountable to your daily writing practice, and if you stick with me here, you’ll achieve every goal you set out to accomplish.

Why is a writing practice good for my mental health?

I think Maya Angelou answered this question beautifully. She said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” Your story is always waiting inside of you, trapped and waiting for its turn to speak. Your story needs to be told because stories are one of the fundamental ways humans navigate the world, relationships, hardship, success, and spirituality. Stories help us to connect deeply with ourselves, our dreams, and the people around us.

Your story is also a fundamental part of your identity. Squashing, hiding or silencing any part of your identity for any length of time, will—I believe—slowly kill you. Or at the very least, leave you depressed, anxious, codependent, addicted, and broke. Among other miseries. One of my favorite authors from my teenage years, Francesca Lia Block wrote, “I’ve written to transform pain, to save my mind from it’s incessant loopings, to save my life.” (The Thorn Necklace) Me too, Francesca. Me too.

How much does this program cost?

The investment for this 3 month program is one payment of $3333 or three monthly payments of $1250.

What if my life story isn’t that exciting?

Trust me, it’s exciting. And interesting. And informative. And your readers will take away so much meaning from it. All you need to do is dig deep, write it down, and get it out into the world.

What if I don’t know anything about writing?

Then this program is perfect for you. This is WAY better than any English or Composition 101 class you’d take in college, and a lot more fun, flexible, and creative.

Do I need to prepare anything before my Discovery Call?

Nope! Just show up at your chosen time, and I’ll take care of the rest.

I’m nervous to put everything out there. What if my family hates me for writing about my messed up childhood? (or any other sensitive topics?)

I totally get it. I’ve been nervous too. I still get nervous. But that’s your body’s way of telling you that you’re trying something new and venturing into uncharted territory. We will go deeper into this topic in our coaching sessions, but rest assured that expressing your true story will not make your family hate you. And even if it makes some folks uncomfortable, telling the story is much healthier than staying silent. As Carl Jung, once said, “Secrets are psychic poison.”


Meredith Gioud, BossWitch

“There are many compassionate, warm, knowledgeable coaches out there, but if you have not been able to find the right one yet, try a session with her and I know you will not be disappointed."

One payment of


 or 3 monthly payments of